You love nature? We do, too!

The beer-in-box system is ECO-friendly, in particular for long distance transport scenarios. Here is why:

Large extent recyclable – Because the bag sits loose in the box, separating the PE material from the cardboard is really easy. The cardboard can be recycled 100%. The bag has to be burned in a waste incinerating plant - so at least the energy of the foil material can be recycled.

Reducing CO2 footprint - The high packaging density and the light weight packaging material dramatically improve the transport efficiency compared to returnable packaging such as KEGs. Only 4% of the weight carried around is packaging related. Based on the one-way concept, beer-in-box saves the energy to return the heavy empty kegs. Further, it avoids energy, chemicals and water for the necessary cleaning before refilling.And finally, the energy to manufacture the one-way packaging is significantly lower compared to returnable packaging. The longer transport routes are, the better the ecobalance gets compared to returnable containers.   (c) 2015 CARBOTEK Systems GmbH