Examples for Dispense Applications

Beer-in-box is an easy to setup/use system that can be adapted to any dispense situation. Scroll down for some examples:

Beer-in-box dispense at the JCI European Conference - In the In the years 2007 - 2010 Ankerbräu sponsored the European Conferences (EUKO) of the JCI organization. The EUKO takes place in a different European city from year to year. In those years beer-in-box beer was dispensed at the famous German Night Party with usually more than 1000 guests. On the picture below (2010 in Aarhus) beer was tapped through dispensers with integrated Carbonators. 

Beer-in-box at CEBIT 2011 - At the booth party from "Bayern Innovativ" Ankerbräu beer-in-box Pilsner was served. 800 thirsty visitors approved the good quality. Also here dispenses with integrated Carbonators were used.

Underneath bar installation - On this picture you can see 3 x 3 beer boxes serving
three taps with different types of beer. The three Carbonators are placed left beside the boxes. Just realize how compact these 225 liters (9 x 25 lit) are stored.


Beer-in-box installation at TUI Cruise Ship "mein Schiff 2" - A beer-in-box battery installation for eight beer lines with a 32-box-shelf for 800 liter beer, setup in a cold room. The Carbonators are driven by compressed air. An additional pressure increase pump provides the pressure to flow through the more than 100 meter long beer lines.

COOLCARRE Catering Service - The company CoolCarre in Amsterdam has integrated the beer-in-box technology in a mobile bar concept, which is suitable for big festival and events. Beer, wine and spirit mixtures can be dispensed (with or without carbonation) within the same bar. Homepage COOLCARRE 


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