Beer-in-Box is the Bag-in-Box Solution for beer. This system offers entirely new opportunities for every brewer. By a drastic reduction of logistics costs in combination with an omission of cost risks (risk of loosing kegs) and consistently high product quality and low technology / maintenance costs, the logistics barrier will be overcome. LEARN MORE

Drinktec Munich Booth A2-448

Booth A2.448

Carbotek will be present at Drinktec Munich
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100% Taste - 100% Quality

Beer-in-box beer is not different in taste from regular draft beer. First of all, this is because the beer is brewed in the traditional way. Beyond that, there are several reasons more why you can expect 100% quality from beer-in-box beer. READ MORE

Beer-in-Box production video

This video shows the BiB filler running at Ankerbrau in Nördlingen. Degassed beer is filled into 25 l bags at a speed of 60 bags per hour.

Upcoming Workshops

beer-in-box Intro Workshops
30 NOV 2012 : Nördlingen, in English
07 DEC 2012 : Nördlingen, in English
11 JAN 2013 : Nördlingen, in German
08 FEB 2013 : Nördlingen, in English
08 MAR 2013 : Nördlingen, in English
19 APR 2013 : Nördlingen, in German

beer-in-box Web Conferences
14 DEC 2012 : 2-3pm (CET) in English
25 JAN 2013 : 2-3pm (CET) in English
22 FEB 2013 : 2-3pm (CET) in English
22 MAR 2013 : 2-3pm (CET) in English
26 APR 2013 : 2-3pm (CET) in English   (c) 2011 CARBOTEK Systems GmbH