Beer-in-Box is the Bag-in-Box Solution for beer. This system offers entirely new opportunities for every brewer. By a drastic reduction of logistics costs in combination with an omission of cost risks (risk of loosing kegs) and consistently high product quality and low technology / maintenance costs, the logistics barrier will be overcome. LEARN MORE

Beer-in-Box Production Video

This video shows the BiB filler running at Ankerbrau in Nördlingen. Degassed beer is filled into 25 l bags at a speed of 60 bags per hour.

Dispenser with integrated Carbonators - tapping clip

The clip shows a dispenser with a built in Carbonator for 2 taps. One tap on beer the other on white wine - to "produce" sparkling wine.

Brau Beviale 2016


Nitro Cold-Brew Dispense System

Under the adress below we're launching a site about our Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee system. Have a look there for more information.