Carbonation & Dispense

Q: Is the beer carbonated cold or also before cooling ?
A: If the connected beer is stored at cold temperatures (cooling rooms) then the beer is also carbonated in cold conditions.
If the connected beer is stored at ambient temperatures the beer is carbonated before the cooler. This provides great flexibility, as it is not required to cool the product before.

Q: Can the carbonation level be adjusted ?
A: Yes. The dispensing equipment technician is able to adjust the carbonation level in the range: 3 - 8 gr CO2 / lit.

Q: Is the carbonation constant even with changing flow rates ?
A: Yes. The carbonation is constant and independent from the dispensing speed. It provides flow rate between 0-3.5 l /min

Q: Can the carbonator be integrated into existing dispense solutions ?
A: Yes. The carbonator can be added to any existing dispense solution or existing  dispenser. The only requirement is a compensator somewhere in the dispense
line. So either a compensator tap or an inline compensator before the tap.

Q: Is it possible to carbonate other beverages than beer ?
A: Yes. Any kind of filtrated premix beverages (unfiltered beer is possible) can be carbonated. Such as: wine, cidre, juices, malt beverages, water, soft-drinks, spirit mixtures. Our focus lies in the application with beer. Other beverages might require modifications to the carbonator.

Q: Is the pump part of the carbonator ?
A: Yes. We use a Flojet diaphragm pump which is already commonly used in beer installations. For instance in the UK. The pump is driven with compressed air or CO2. 


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