General Questions

Q: Does beer-in-box beer taste different to regular draft beer? 
A: No, there is no difference in taste, foam or appearance. Various taste panels - also with very experienced tasters or beer sommeliers - confirmed that there is no noticeable difference to regular keg beer.
Beer-in-box even provides a more constant product on tap. Think about it: KEG always has problems with over carbonation (CO2 gas) or under carbonation (mixed gas) after a couple of days. With beer-in-box the quality remains equal, as the adjusted amount of CO2 is added right at dispense and nothing happens to the beer in the bag, until it becomes tapped.

Q: How does the beer get out of the bag?
A: The carbonator includes a self-priming pump, that sucks the beer out of the bag and pressurizes it for the ensuing dispense lines.

Q: What about the consumer reaction?
A: Our experiences are quite positive in terms of consumer reactions. Bag-in-box is not really new to them. Since a long time wine and juices is available in bag-in-box format. Beer also comes more and more in PET bottles. So what's the point with beer from PE bags? At the end the consumer loves the product and the high and consistend quality. He doesn't know or care what's connected to the backend of the draft beer line. 


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