Q: Which material is the bag made from?
A: The 25 lit bag consists of a multi layer PE foil bag with an outer metallized layer. The oxygen barrier is good enough to provide a 8 month shelf life before connection. Bags are so called: flexible packaging.

Q: Which material is the box ?
A: The outside box is made from corrugated cardboard which provides the required stability to stack up to 4 boxes onto each other.

Q: What about the shelf life ?
A: Before connection we have 8 months. After connection a minimum of 5 weeks if the product storage is in a cool environment (5-7°C). If the product is standing at ambient temperatures shelf life still is about 2 weeks (20-24°C).

Q: Are the bags pressurized when the CO2 is injected into the beer ?
A: No. The diaphragm pump sucks the beer out of the bag. The flexible bag just shrinks with the declining liquid volume. The CO2 is added right after the pump in the Carbonator. This is an inline process that never effects the bag or the beer within the bag.

Q: What about the couplers ?
A: The couplers are part of the packaging concept. The new coupler generation, that will be available from 2012 on is specially designed to meet the highest hygienic standards that are achievable. They guarantee a high product quality and a long shelf life.


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