Production Process

Q: What's different in the beer production?
A: Nothing. Same ingredients and process until it comes to the filling station. The beer in a storage tank for instance might be partwise used for bottles and the rest for beer-in-box. So just when it come to the filling process the CO2 has to be removed from the bib beer.

Q: How is CO2 removed from the beer?
A: There are different approaches thinkable. Like: Osmosis concept, vacuum concept, ultrasonic. It's more of an engineering task to setup the appropriate solution. We have one solution in place which is based on a vacuum approach. Through a cold product temperatures a loss of aroma components is avoided.

Q: Is CO2 totally removed from the beer?
A: No. The remaining CO2 amount is 1g/lit. By the way the same concentration as  red wine has. At such a low CO2 concentration the bags will not deflate up to 55°C.


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